Supertec Electronics Company is located in Hong Kong with  factories in China. We have over
10 years  experience in electronic parts  and components bussiness. Our  product  lines  have   included     
three  kind  of  electronic  components. Besides  these, we  can  also support you with OEM and ODM     

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a) LCD - Liquid Crystal Display - Our production line can make the LCDs  from basic TN type to HTN,  
    STN,  FSTN  as  well  as COG  LCD  panels.  We provide  LCD engineering  service and all  kind of   
    technical  supports to all of our customers.  With strong technical supports and full knowledges in LCD
    field, we are your good business partner in the worldwide display market.

LCD Module - We are strong in custom-made LCD modules. Our engineers provide full solutions to   
    our clients.  Also our full  range of  standard Character  modules  and Graphic modules should be your   
    good selection to your products. See our product's page to get more informations.

LED and LED Modules -We offer not  only  all  colors of LED lamps, but also OEM LED modules.
    Full  range of LED  modules  include Rear backlight for LCD, Side diffuser backlight for LCD, Matrix     
    LED modules, Segment  LED  modules  and  the big moving LED display  panel. Select your products      
    from our pages.
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